About us

Podrum Lukić Distillery and Wine Cellar is part of the Lukić family household which is located about 80km from Belgrade in the village of Babajić near Ljig, close to the two spa towns – Banja Vrujci and Banja Ljig. Babajić village is surrounded by mountain slopes of Rajac and Rudnik. Among other things, the whole Kolubara District is famous for its fruit growing, particularly for growing plums. It is very suitable for growing grapes as well.

Podrum Lukić continues more than a century-long tradition of the Lukić household in the production of plum brandy. They own 40ha of land, out of which 10ha is covered with orchards. This is where from they collect fruits for brandy production.


Podrum Lukić’s trademark is a ten year old brandy – DEKADA (DECADE) – a blend of brandies made from 2 different varieties of plum ─ Ranka and Požegača. Apart from DEKADA (DECADE), they are also making other kinds of brandies. Their selection includes a three year old plum brandy Prepečenica ─ a brandy blend of different plum varieties such as Ranka, Požegača and Čačanka, as well as fruit brandies made of quince, apricot, pear Viljamovka, apple and grapes.

Podrum Lukić has vineyards that cover 3ha of land. The grape varieties grown in the vineyard are Chardonnay and Pinot noir. They have also planted new crops of Tamjanika on 60 acres of land and crops of Pinot Gris on 50 acres. The current offer consists of three sorts of wine: Rosé, Pinot Noir and Tamjanika.

Pinot noir
Voćnjak u cvatu
Sakupljanje grozđa
Berba šljiva
Berba grožđa
Orezivanje vinove loze